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Mission and integrating education

Review of the 3rd Gypsy Mission Methodology handbook . Jesus Christ “…loved everybody, taught everybody, He loved to make the little people great… Let’s think about the ethnic minorities, and the Gypsies among them… Let’s see, and let’s believe in the great plans and intentions of God, when He calls us to go amongst the […]

Commemoration – Roma Holocaust Memorial Day

We commemorate, because we must remember! One who doesn’t remember the past will have no future. We need to know what happened, we need to make a memento and we need to remember who we really are and what we tend to do in certain circumstances. Human wickedness has no limits. But we must not only look […]

A little act of love

GypsyAid in cooperation with our Social Services Center were able to create some food packages and to deliver them to our clients at Social Services with the help of our social nurses. Some clients were deeply moved by this little act of love, since some of them had never received any gift from anybody… Some […]

It’s Time To Believe Your Life Can Be Changed!

There are many events organized in Budapest that have significant news value, with more and more Christian events among them. There was such an event in the BOK Sport Hall at last weekend, on 6th and 7th March named as “It’s Time To Believe Your Life Can Be Changed!” The organizers’ team, consisting of young […]

5th Conference of 5 Protestant Gypsy Missions

It was the 5th Annual Conference organised by 5 Hungarian protestant churches (Reformed, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal) of Hungary that was held in Debrecen on 8th February 2020. The event venue was the large church building of the Reformed Church, where around 1,500 people gathered together from the Carpathian Basin to praise the Lord and […]

National Gypsy Mission Conference in Nagykallo

Almost 1,000 people gathered together in the local sport hall in Nagykallo (Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county, Hungary) for the National Pentecostal Gypsy Mission Conference on 16th November. The hall was an excellent scene for the several hundreds of interested Gypsy brothers and sisters, who had great anticipation in their hearts while they were taking their seats. In […]

3rd European Roma Mission Conference

Roma Networks is a European, yet more and more international cooperation of organisations ministering among Roma people. It was already our third conference on 9-12 October, and this time we gathered together in Sarajevo in order to strengthen our relationships with each other and to share the unfolding of God’s vision. The main theme of […]