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The time of collecting vessels

Short introduction video of Hungarian Gypsy Missions International. “It is not a good motivation if I want to minister in order to seek fulfilment. Ministry means the death of one’s self, total humility, the washing of the feet of Roma people. I’m not the great one in that situation… rather I’m the servant, used by […]

Joseph Program ? changing mentality, fighting stereotypes

One of the many stereotypes about ethnic Gypsy Christians is that they are always ready to receive ? and not so much to give. We believe in the power of giving, even when it is the most disadvantaged people group in Europe who give. In our Joseph Program, Roma participants gather in foodstuff to our […]

Raising our voice together ? network of ethnic Gypsy churches in Hungary

In the past 30 years, the gospel has been spreading fast among the most underprivileged people group in Hungary: ethnic Gypsies. Some churches welcomed them in their own congregations but more often small Roma congregations have been established. An already weak voice among Christians in the country, the fragmented crowd of Gypsy Christians cannot be […]

The role of GypsyAid in helping refugees

Refugees have been coming through Hungary for quite a while now but we had never seen anything like what we experienced in August and September 2015. In partnership with the Hungarian Pentecostal Church in Hungary, HGMI?s charity and aid arm, GypsyAid set up an operative base at the refugee collection point outside Röszke, Hungary, less than a […]

Touching the untouchables ? church planting & outreach

Politicians in Eastern Europe and in the European Union go into great lengths trying to solve the so-called ?Roma Problem.? Our vision at Hungarian Gypsy Missions International is that the Roma ? as the most underprivileged people group in Europe ? first and foremost need God?s saving mercy and grace. When they repent and turn […]

Groundbreaking sociological survey shows transformed Gypsy lives

On April 23, 2015, Gypsy Methodology and Research Center (GMRC), the scientific research arm of Hungarian Gypsy Missions International, introduced their first major work in sociological research among the Hungarian Roma, The Impact of Gypsy Mission Movements in Hungary. The Protestant interdenominational survey has shown that there are about 20,000 born-again church-attending ethnic Gypsies in […]

Albert Durko receives Raoul Wallenberg Award

The Rev. Albert Durko, President of Hungarian Gypsy Missions International, nominated by Mr. Zoltan Balog, Hungarian Minister of Human Capacities, and the senior leaders of HGMI, received the Raoul Wallenberg Award on January 19, 2015. For an exemplary life and ministry of fighting against discrimination, helping the underprivileged and disadvantaged, and contributing towards the exercising of human rights and citizenship […]

900 Participants at Coworkers? Meeting in Bekes

Over 900 of our nearly 1200 full-time coworkers attended our special biannual gathering in Bekes on November 15, 2014. They had come for a day of encouragement, inspiration, and information and didn?t go home empty-handed ? or, in fact, empty-hearted. They all had the opportunity to listen to reports about what we are doing as an […]