Missions work is crucial for us because we believe only the Gospel through the power of God can truly change one?s mindset and attitude. We focus our efforts on meeting the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs of ethnic Gypsies and other disadvantaged people. We are present in 250 localities.


We have well-equipped teams that can be mobilized throughout the country to go and preach the Gospel. Our key people are trained evangelists with a compassionate heart for the lost. Together with the teams they lead, they are able to communicate the Good News in songs, drama, testimonies and preaching. Our aim is to have lasting results wherever we go, and thus we prefer setting up home groups in these localities, with the purpose of establishing churches.

Church Planting

It is top priority for us not only to preach the Gospel but also establish lively home groups that later become thriving churches. We have over 30 full-time missions workers: evangelists, teachers, musicians and technical personnel, and a vast crowd of volunteers. We cooperate with other missions organizations. Our national prayer network is present in several counties and organizes days of prayer and fasting on a regular basis.

Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry was launched in 2009. We regularly visit and support existing youth groups and organize youth camps, conferences and concerts. We reach over 1000 young people with youth clubs for secondary school students in several places across the country. The curriculum was developed by Campus Crusade for Christ Hungary, and is aimed at empowering the youth with Christian principles and better self-knowledge in a relaxed and fun environment.

Prison Ministry

Interested inmates participate in outreaches where they hear the Gospel from our specially trained evangelists and hear about how they can get to know God personally. They can discuss relevant issues and be prayed for in small groups. We also help them recognize how they can integrate into mainstream society when they are given the chance. We receive good testimonies from inmates and positive feedback from facility personnel.

Church Administration

HGMI is a missions branch of the Hungarian Pentecostal Church in Hungary. We are a separate legal church entity, constituting ?Church District Five,? a non-geographical district for Gypsy churches. We have a network of 120 churches, led by a group of elders. The churches are of different cultural and social backgrounds, scattered throughout the country; the majority located on the north- and southeast. The total number of attendees exceeds 6000.