?Epreskert? Kindergarten


?Epreskert? Kindergarten is located in Bekes, Hungary, and it is attended by 90 children, arranged in five groups. Over 90 percent of them are ethnic Gypsies. The name, ?Mulberry Garden?, refers to the large mulberries the area once was known about. Some of these magnificent trees are still around and remind us that little trees can grow really big when conditions allow.

We give our best into creating these conditions, so that nothing would hinder the children from growing big and standing strong in life.

Our other public education institutions:

?Eotvos Jozsef? Elementary School (click)
21?25 Jantyik Street, Bekes H-5630, Hungary

?Erdos Kamill? Trade School (click)
21?25 Jantyik Street, Bekes H-5630, Hungary

?Bay Zoltan? Vocational School (click)
43 Ajtossy Street, Gyula H-5700, Hungary

Contact Us

We will be happy to provide more information about our kindergarten. Please, don?t hesitate to contact us with your inquiries in person, by mail or on the phone.

44 Moricz Street, Bekes H-5630, Hungary

+36 70 679 2473 (HU)
+36 70 324 7424 (EN)

epreskerti@remenyhir.hu (HU)
info@gypsymissions.org (EN)