?Eotvos Jozsef? Elementary School

Elementary School

?Eotvos Jozsef? Elementary School in Bekes, Hungary, celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2013. It was the first modern elementary school in town, and it endured all the storms of the 20th century. Hungarian Gypsy Missions International became the school?s operator in 2012.

As the vast majority of students are ethnic Gypsies, we think it is a good place to develop best practices that reflect our commitment to equal chances and an environment of acceptance.

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Contact Us

We will be happy to provide more information about our school. Please, don?t hesitate to contact us with your inquiries in person, by mail or on the phone.

21?25 Jantyik Street, Bekes H-5630, Hungary

+36 70 322 3865 (HU)
+36 70 324 7424 (EN)

eotvos@remenyhir.hu (HU)
info@gypsymissions.org (EN)